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Streaming 2 The Check Pt.3

Before we get this final installment going I want to take the time to wish Everyone a Happy New Year and pray that this year brings all the things that 2020 was supposed to provide, and even more. Its been a real whacky year and 2021 promises to be way more prosperous, specially if you have been following our streaming to the check series.

in our final installment of this series we want to talk about our membership packages and additional platforms that we will be placing artist music in rotation for additional streams and airplay. We realize that every artist hasn't had the privilege of being educated on certain business issues in this industry and for the most part they are charged an arm and a leg to gain this information and procedures from industry executives. Here at Indie Evolution we have taken the education of the industry and the services we
provide into a compact membership package that will assist artist with these issues and make sure that artist work is licensed properly in order to gain additional streams through having their audio added to commercials, streaming tv series, indie and major movies, and documentaries (when project submissions of audio are allowed). By licensing artists audio and distributing it to streaming platforms for royalty calculations through our platforms we will gather stream calculations and provide artist and content creators with detailed reporting on a monthly basis that will also include
income calculations to show artist their progress on streams as well as how much they will generate in royalties following the qualifying quarter.

One of our new partner platforms has been set up to stream indie artist 24 hours a day on a monetized YouTube channel known as Cali Boy Radio. Cali Boy Radio is an extention of Cali Boy Music, an indie label based in Kingman, AZ with ties to California and Las Vegas. The Cali Boy Roster is currently being featured on the channel and ranges from dope hip hop to some awesome rock music. Cali Boy was created to provide an additional streaming platform for artist to showcase their music and earn royalties. many platforms like this would charge fees to gain spins but with Cali Boy its simple, just go to their website and subscribe. After artist subscribe to
their page they can upload their music to be added to their weekly
playlist for streaming. Giving artist multiple platforms is definitely our goal to help artist, but we don't want you to get it twisted. This benefits you most by getting an artist membership on our Indie Evolution site. Our membership packages are set up for artist to gradually add their music library to be added to our rotations and begin calculating. Our memberships are set up on a monthly basis and allow artist to upload up to 4 songs per month to be added. Once the audio or video has been added to rotation artist will receive approximately 300 spins and/or streams on a monthly basis. As long as artist continue to pay their membership their tracks stay in rotation and continue to build royalties. We have set up two
packages that will fit any artist budget. Our Single Membership package allows artist to upload 1 track per month and receive reporting on that track for Only $9.99 per month. For artist with a larger library we have our Artist Membership package. This package allows artist to upload 4 audio
and video files to be added into rotation. Videos will be featured on
our new Cali Boy Video Mix Show launching Jan 23rd. Each video will
be voted on and the top ten videos of the week will be added to the
Indie Evolution Top Ten Video Countdown launching Jan 30th. Artist
will also receive detailed reporting and be submitted for placement
in video projects and commercials for Only $59.99 per month. Each
month artist can add more music or simply keep the music that they
have uploaded in rotation. We truly feel that we have simplified the process of exposure and royalty calculations for artist to succeed in 2021. We
also offer artist development services as well as graphics for single
covers and branding. Don't wait contact us today and get your membership package at www.ieonlineradio.com and don't forget to go subscribe to CaliBoy Radio after that so you can be added to our partner platform at www.caliboymusic.com. Until
next time. Jay Sharp… I'll Holla

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