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Streaming 2 The Check Pt. 2

As we kicked off our series last month we discussed the
platform and the ways that we are looking to help artist achieve the goal
that they have set for their career, we want to dive deeper into the world
of streaming royalties.

Many don't understand the breakdown of royalty pay outs so it becomes more difficult to grasp how to acquire these payments. Royalties are broken down to a fraction of the penny for each thirty seconds a video or audio is performed or in this case played either on air or by someone clicking on the artist link. If a person stays on your audio or video for thirty seconds the click becomes calculated as a stream. The longer they stay watching or listening increases the amount that one stream will make. For example: If you have a three minute song, that song has seven thirty second segments. when someone clicks on the song and listens for the first thirty seconds the click converts to a stream. If they stay the entire three minutes the rate per
stream then becomes multiplied by seven. I know you didn't think that heading this you would be going back to math class, but math is one of
the most important aspect to understanding your royalty payouts. You
have to know the rate at which the platform is paying per stream. You
also want to understand that just because the platform pays, they each
pay out at different rates.

When you look at the major platforms that report royalties, or allow for monetization on their platform they always set parameters for artist to reach in order to acquire these royalties. Artist will strive to meet these standards in order to receive a check, and many times they never reach that standard. What happens to those royalties that are being reported on the way to meeting those standards? Why don't artist see those royalties? The reason is that they go on hold because most of the time artist are not registered to acquire those streams that just sit while you attempt to monetize your page.

The upgrade of Indie Evolution to a streaming service allows us to assist artist in acquiring these streams that have been lost, and new streams that will calculate from the first click of your link. Our monthly reporting will keep artist on top of where their link is being clicked most, time duration of each link, regions where the link is most popular, and most importantly income tracking for artist to be aware of how much they are accumulating in royalties.

If you are an artist, dj, poet, content creator, or even business looking to monetize your products, music, movies, and commercials your should probably visit our website and check out our membership packages. Sign up for a small monthly fee for a set of unique services that will take your career or brand to the next level. In our final installment we will explain our memberships and services for an even greater understanding of the new Indie Evolution Streaming Platform. Until next month check out www.ieonlineradio.com and I'll Holla…

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