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Streaming 2 The Check Pt.1

The past few months we have put a lot of focus on what's been going on in
society around us. Racial equality, the Corona Virus, and caring for those that haven't been able to care for themselves. By no means do we feel like there isn't lots more that needs to be discussed in order to spark change, however this month we need to talk about something else that is imperative for us to discuss that will spark some real change in the careers of artists and content creators. We've all had those moments where we have decided that we would become content creators, or we had that one song that was going to be a hit, so we upload it and utilize services like Tunecore and CD Baby to assist with distribution.
These services charge artist a small fee for the upload of singles or albums.
They place the artist material on several platforms for streaming. This thought alone is something that becomes exciting to artist knowing that their music is going on several platforms that calculate royalties through either radio spins or streams of the artist's music. Have you ever asked yourself as an artist what happens next? Are you satisfied in knowing that your music is on all these platforms, or does it become a question of when will you see the revenue from being on these platforms?
There becomes one issue with all of this. First These services are mere
placement services. They do not promote the artist or make sure that their music is licensed on all the right platforms to ensure that a check actually makes it to the artist mailbox. The second thing is that once the artist has been placed on these platforms if no one knows the artist is on this platform and pulls the track for streaming the platforms that the song or album is on is merely housing the song. (meaning it's pretty much just sitting on the shelf collecting virtual dust.)
We at Indie Evolution have been watching and paying attention to this
issue for some time now and have quietly been working on a platform addition that will allow artist to get their music registered in all the right places that allow for a direct deposit or check to actually show up on an artist doorstep or mailbox. We have also added an element that artist don't get from Tunecore or CD Baby. Artist promotions, which is key for the masses to know where to find you. Finally We are becoming the actual streaming service that artist spins and streams will be calculated for royalties with reporting and income tracking. This means at the end
of each month an artist will know how much they have accumulated in royalties in that thirty day period. Royalty payments would be made 90 days from the close of each quarter. Next month we will expand on the royalty process so that there is a full comprehensive understanding of how these changes and services are extremely important to artist specially during this pandamic. It's always been our objective to assist artist in getting to the money on a playing field level to those top 40 artist that saturate our airwaves and streaming services. Be sure to go to our website and
subscribe. There will be a subscription fee so that we can make sure that each artist music is not only copyrighted but registered with the right streaming services that create that illusive royalty check that all artist look to gain for the passion and work that they put into their projects. Stay tuned for part two of our streaming to the check series. Until then Jay Sharp I'll Holla…

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